3 Tips to Hiring the Best Roofing Company

Trust Your Instincts

Most people want to believe that the trades person they hire will be professional and honest. For the most part, that is probably a reasonable assumption. But there are certain large, important, or expensive expenditures that you would hate to be wrong about, because the ramifications could be great. One of those decisions may be which new car to purchase, or which doctor should you go to, or even which roofing professional should you trust your home to. The first step in avoiding problems is recognizing which decisions are potentially expensive, important and if they are poorly made can affect your life and financial well-being.

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

In a recent study, the majority of homeowners were 95% accurate when it came to selecting which contractors were honest and which were not. The interesting thing was that if the appointment started out well, such as being on time, doing a thorough inspection, and no hard selling, the customer could tell from these simple and obvious traits which roofing contractor they could trust. But even more interesting was the fact that by the time the sales call was completed, over 50% of homeowners went against their better judgement and were either pressured, tricked, or mislead in choosing the untrustworthy roofing salesperson. So…. start at the very beginning, critique your roof appointment and don’t get swayed by misleading and high pressure sale tactics.

Apples to Apples

Everyone wants to a great deal and a sound roofing installation. But it is difficult to compare home improvement businesses that way. Simply put, comparing specification sheets and material options doesn’t tell the whole story. Your new roof is being built on site, not in a factory. The men that construct your new roof are the main factors in determining if you get a great roof or a poor quality roof installation. Most companies have unrealistic warranties and lots of positive and often times fake online reviews, but unless the men are well trained, paid accordingly and have been with the company for years and years, your may be getting Toyota parts, but assembled by a 5 year old.