Do Your Roof Research

This has been a very tough few weeks for most folks living in and around the Portland Metro area. Big and small businesses alike have had to reduce or stop doing what they do best, taking care of Portlanders. We at Cascade Roofing know that for some residential or commercial customers, a poor roof can add even more stress. With summer just around the corner, take a deep breath and start doing your research.

Most roof leaks and the resulting damage takes years to deteriorate a home’s or building’s wood structure. This doesn’t mean that you should just sit by and let it rot for another year, but it does mean that a poorly installed roof repair or new roofing system may end up being worse than the problem.

Do your research. When it is safe for you, Cascade Roofing can do the majority of roof inspections from the outside of your home. We offer outdoor constellations and proper distancing.

But the main point to be made here are three fold: Take your time and don’t get in a rush to get your roofing project started. The second thing is to be careful and choose a reputable company who can take care of the problems they may encounter. And thirdly, be safe and if this is not a good time health or safety wise, don’t take the chance right now.