Hillsboro, Oregon Loves Cascade Roofing

Power vents on a Roof in Portland Oregon

Power vents on a Roof in Portland Oregon Power vents on a Roof in Hillsboro, Oregon

Cascade Roofing has been serving the residents of Hillsboro, Oregon for over 50 years. Finding a trustworthy and experienced roofer in Hillsboro can be as simple as calling a local favorite.

Finding a residential roofer in Hillsboro or any other town in Oregon doesn’t have to an an impossible task. There are many ways you can sift the qualified roofing contractors from the unqualified ones. Once you find that professional who delivers on what has been promised, you will know that you got a great deal and a great roof.

Something to keep in mind is that experience comes with the time applied to master a trade. Ten roofers with two years of experience each is not the same as one roofer with twenty years of experience. Where some companies say they have over thirty years of combined experience, Cascade Roofing has several foreman for a combined 100+ years of experience. Now that is a company you can trust to do the job correctly.

So why does Hillsboro, Oregon love Cascade Roofing: Free estimates, quality products, dependable staff and experienced technicians.