Portland’s Cool Weather Roof Installation

In the Pacific Northwest, we can have quite a range of weather conditions. As the climate changes the challenges facing roof installations have become increasingly more difficult, both for the roofing installer and for the material manufacture. Thankfully, with the continued advancements in roofing technology, cold weather roof application is much for feasible.

When installing a new roof system in winter, it is best to use materials that are designed to be installed in cold temperatures. These low temperatures will often cause the composition shingles to lose flexibility and become much harder to work with. Some roofing shingles can split and crack during installation and nails can be overdriven through the layers of roofing material.

But roofing in winter, if planned correctly, can have some benefits. The extreme temperatures of last summer were actually impossible to work around for both the roof installers and for the roofing material itself. Safety if perhaps the most critical area of concern when to comes to roofing and heat can be much more dangerous than cold.

Roofing manufactures that offer SBS polymer modified asphalt shingles are best suited for winter installations. These flex shingles have a rubberizing effect which allows them to be more pliable and flexible during installation. They also provide wind resistance of up to 130mph.

So don’t hesitate about the cool days ahead in Portland or Beaverton, just choose your material wisely along with an established roofing company with years of experience to install your new roofing system.