Professional Roofers in Portland – A Rare Bird.

Finding a professional in any field of business is not an easy task, in fact, it can be quite difficult. It takes years of commitment and dedication before one has the chance of calling him or herself proficient in their respective field. Doctors, Engineers and Accountants spend numerous years in college and in practice mastering their skills. Police, Machinist, and Mechanics often have four year degrees along with hundreds of hours of continued training and testing. But even among all the tens of thousands of men and women who go to their job each day, very, very few are true professionals. You may know a professional, the one who all the others go to for advise when their stuck. The person who continues to educate themselves on the newest and best techniques, the one who stays late and finishes only once the job is correctly completed. The person who won’t take short cuts and is motivated more by personal satisfaction than money. That is a true professional. A rare bird indeed.

By the way, we have (3) employees at Cascade Roofing who started working at the company over 25 years ago. They have attended numerous training classes, taken and passed tests, spent thousands of hours mastering their skills, worked till dark, redid areas they were not satisfied with, made repairs better than was listed on the contract, took pride in the finished product and always delivered a product as if it was for a friend. Rare birds indeed – 3 Professional Roofers and more being trained each day.