Purchasing a New Roof in 2022

The New Year is just around the corner. After a year of rising costs, scarcity of labor, material shortages, extreme weather (including fires) and of course the pandemic, what will it be like in 2022 to have a new roof installed in the Portland area? Well, the simple answer is no one knows, but there are a few things you can do to make a roof installation go smoothly.

The first thing to be aware of this coming year is that the roofing materials needed for your project will probably cost more and continue to rise as we approach summer. It is also important to note that some of the materials needed may not be available, such as particular colors and styles from roofing manufactures. Other building materials such as plywood, nails, insulation may be scarce during different times of the year.

The second thing to be aware of is that labor is in short supply. Add to that experienced labor and professional technicians and the ability to install a quality roof becomes more difficult. It also becomes more expensive as wages and bonuses required to attract and retain employees goes up. That is not necessarily a bad thing.

So what is a customer to do with all the headwinds facing the roofing industry? Start by beginning the planning process early. That means do your research now and make sure you choose an established roofing company, one that has the means and reputation to help you through this coming year. Discuss with them how best to secure the materials you will need for your roof project and how to protect your contract price against sudden spikes in costs.

Some things are unknown, like what new mutation is coming down the pipe, or what new climate record will be broken? But one thing will stay the same: Cascade Roofing since 1959 will be here to help you along the roofing path with quality materials and expert employees.