Roofing: 2 Steps Forward and 1 Step Back?

Portland Roofing Company

There is an old saying that generally applies to projects that when completed moves the homeowner 2 steps forward, but due to the damage done to achieve these results, the overall success moves the homeowner 1 step backwards.

The above statement can apply to many different things we do in life. However, it really seems apropos to installing a new roof. When you remove thousands of pounds of old roofing asphalt or cedar shingles you can do a tremendous amount of damage if the house and property are not properly protected. You may end up with a new roof sitting on top of a scarred house surrounded by an unsightly yard.

Cascade Roofing has been protecting houses and commercial roofing in the Portland, Beaverton, Tigard and Milwaukie areas for over 60 years. But when you think about protecting your house, we don’t just mean the roof portion, we also mean your siding, windows, trim, bushes, flowers and walkways. An important part of any successful reroof is the preparation that occurs even before anyone climbs on the roof.

Oh by the way – Yes – it does take a bit longer to do the job correctly. But that’s a truism for a different blog post.