To Sub or not to Sub?

Shingles - Roofer Packing Shingles Across a Roof Installation

That is the question… if you are planning on spending thousands of dollars to purchase a new roof system that will protect your home and family over the next 30-40 years.

There is a trend in our industry within in the Portland, Beaverton, Tigard and Hillsboro markets. That trend is to sell a roofing job and hire someone else to install it. It makes a lot of sense if you own the roofing company that sold the job, but not so much if your the homeowner. In fact, this trend is about taking the easy part of the transaction, the advertising, accounting and sale, while leaving the risky and most difficult part of the transaction, the hiring, training, safety, code and regulations, warranty, installation and customer satisfaction to someone else. This is called good business in America today, or is it actually just poor business practices that result in a lot more profit for the company’s owners?

At Cascade Roofing we help to educate the customer about their many roofing options, provide them with accurate information about venting and warranty requirements, along with state lien and insurance laws. In other words, we do a full inspection of your roof system inside and out and then we make recommendations on which roofing process and products would be best for meeting your goals.

OK… so we are not the only roofing company that inspects roofs and makes recommendations, but we are one of the most established and trusted roofing companies in the Portland, Tigard and Hillsboro areas. What makes us really special is once your roof is ready to be installed, the crew that shows up has over 100 years of roofing experience. They are trained roofing employees of Cascade Roofing not subcontractors that we have been saving money on over the last few weeks or months. Subcontractors get paid a set amount and make their money on speed and cutting corners, we provide real roofing pros with Foremen who are devoted to the company and have trained for the last 25+ years to install your roof correctly the first time.

Yes, it is much cheaper, easier and more profitable to sub the roofing work out. We choose not because you the homeowner have a better experience and get a better roof. Oh by the way, if you care about the hard working class, our employees cost more for a reason: it is a dangerous and tough job and they deserve a living wage along with overtime, sick pay and bonuses. You get a roofing Pro.