Understanding Ice & Water Shield Roof Underlayment.

Understanding Ice & Water Shield Roof Underlayment
Roofing Underlayment
Malarkey NEX Ice & Water Shield Underlayment


Ice and Water Shield products are specially designed underlayments for use on steep and low slope roofing applications. Our roofing companys has been a strong promoter and installer of these self-adhered membranes as an additional layer of protection under composition roofing shingles. They can prevent moisture intrusion from ice dams and wind-driven rain along with providing waterproofing on low pitched roofs.

Malarkey Roofing Products makes an excellent non-woven SBS polymer modified bitumen self-adhering underlayment. Artic Seal serves a dual role as a flashing membrane around areas susceptible to leaks. Our professional roofers in Portland use these underlayments in valleys, around skylight and chimney flashings, and under sheet metal flashing details.

Our Portland roofers are careful when installing an ice and water shield membrane to make sure the roof deck is sound, smooth, dry and provides positive drainage. Generally the minimum approved slope for steep slope applications is 2″ per 12″. Artic Seal is not intended as a permanently-exposed roofing surface and is meant to be part of a roofing system.

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