The success of your roofing project starts long before the first roofing materials are installed. A successful project begins with the proper preparation of the roof deck and all of its components.

Rotting RoofOur Portland roofing company has experience in all areas of carpentry and rot repair. Unlike many roofing contractors who experience a high turnover of key employees, many of our skilled and carpentry trained employees have been with us 15 years or more.

We are committed to providing you with a roof system that meets or exceeds the manufactures requirements. This can most effectively happen when it is installed over a sound and rot free structure.

Our experienced team of roofers in Portland can evaluate your residential roof and recommend options that make sense. We can suggest roofing and carpentry options that should to be done in conjunction with your roofing project that will save you money down the road. You would be amazed how simple it can be to install a skylight or a light-tube during your roofing project. Our team of local roofing contractors has installed thousand of natural light producing systems – and they don’t leak. Allowing natural light into your home will pay dividends daily – in your electric bill and also in your outlook on life.

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