Roofing Repair: Flat Work

A flat roof is a special animal when it comes to installation and repair: they are very unforgiving when it […]

5 Important Things to Consider Before Putting on a New Roof

1. How to Choose Your Roofing Material One of the first steps in replacing your current roof is deciding which […]

Roofing and Skylights.

Some people think that roofing and skylights in Portland are like water and oil – they just don’t mix well. […]

Roofing: 2 Steps Forward and 1 Step Back?

There is an old saying that generally applies to projects that when completed moves the homeowner 2 steps forward, but […]

Understanding Ice & Water Shield Roof Underlayment.

  Ice and Water Shield products are specially designed underlayments for use on steep and low slope roofing applications. Our […]

Portland, Beaverton, Milwaukie, Tigard and Tualatin Roofers, Oh My!

Your roof may be the most important exterior component of your home: especially in the Portland Metro Area where rain […]

You Get What You Pay For?

It’s an old expression. It often seems to be true, but not always. When it comes to purchasing a new […]

Roofing and Ice.

Some of us were excited in the Portland area. The possibility of snow in the valley is usually received with […]

Could it Happen Here?

Maybe it could. Probably it won’t. But anything is possible. We received an urgent call from a customer a few […]

Professional Roofers in Portland – A Rare Bird.

Finding a professional in any field of business is not an easy task, in fact, it can be quite difficult. […]