With a roof, many roofing problems don’t show up until years after the roofing company installation is completed, by then most roofing contractors telephones are often disconnected.

A roof warranty gives a homeowner or building owner real peace of mind after investing in a major roof replacement. As with many large expenditures, problems may not show up until years after the roof installation has be completed. Make sure you select a company like Cascade Roofing Portland who has been answering the same phone number (503-620-2711) for over sixty years.

Most residential manufactures of roofing products offer warranties that come with 30, 40, 50 and even lifetime warranties. By contract, commercial or low slope roofing products offer 10 to 20 years warranties. Make sure that the products are high-quality and the roofing components used match the expected durability and life of the roofing product.

Since 1959 Cascade Roofing Portland has been installing and standing behinds their written roof warranties. While the State of Oregon only requires a one-year labor warranty, Cascade Roofing offers you roof protection ranging from 10 years to 50 years depending on the roof system and warranty you select.