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If your zip code is 97070 than you’re in luck, because Cascade Roofing has been serving Wilsonville’s roofing needs for over 60 years. With its unique neighborhoods ranging from Charbonneau and Villebois to Frog Pond and Old Town, Wilsonville has an area that’s feels right no mater what you’re looking for. With the Chehalem Mountains as your back drop and the mighty Willamette River at your front door, there are an endless number of ways to have fun in and around Wilsonville.

Cascade Roofing has installed many residential and commercial roofs in Wilsonville. As its population grew, Wilsonville served as the headquarters for several major local and national companies. Names like Hollywood Video, Thrifty Payless and G.I. Joes are sure to bring back fond memories as companies that once thrived here, however, they are now all closed. The good news is, Cascade Roofing Portland is still serving the Wilsonville area after over 60 years in business, even as other Wilsonville businesses have come and gone.

So, whether you’re in need of a new residential roof or a commercial repair, Cascade Roofing Portland has Wilsonville covered. Call or click on us today

FAQ – Frequently Asked Roofing Questions

Residences in Wilsonville often raise concerns regarding their roofs, acknowledging their vital function in shielding homes from precipitation and regulating internal temperatures. Peruse this article to uncover responses to common questions about roofs.

How often should I clear my gutters?

It’s recommended to arrange gutter maintenance at least twice annually. If your surroundings are densely populated with trees, contemplate increasing the frequency to 3 or 4 times per year.

How can I determine if I need a roof replacement?

Conduct a visual examination of the shingles, scanning for indications such as fractures, peeling, or signs of leakage. If uncertain, seek the expertise of a roofing specialist for an evaluation.

What is the typical timeframe for installing a new roof?

The duration varies based on factors like your residence’s framework and the intricacy of the roof’s layout. While most domestic roofs can be replaced within two days, extensive re-roofing endeavors may extend to a week.

Should I fret about ice dams?

Ice dams manifest when snow or ice liquefies on the roof and then solidifies, resulting in the accumulation of water and potential harm. Exercise vigilance, particularly if your roof is in a colder climate with a shallow slope or lacks adequate insulation. Reach out to a local roofer if you harbor any concerns.

Why is roof ventilation crucial?

Proper ventilation aids in dissipating heat during summer and curtails moisture buildup beneath the roof, thereby elongating the lifespan of your roof and shingles.

We trust this information addresses your inquiries. For additional guidance, consult your neighborhood roofing company.

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