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The city and Tualatin and Cascade Roofing have a lot in common. Both are located in Washington County and both have been serving their residents for many decades. While Cascade Roofing is named for the tremendous mountain range visible from eastern views around Tualatin, the city’s name is taken from the Tualatin River which flows along most of the city’s northern boundary.

The most popular style of residential roofing in Tualatin is asphalt composition shingles. With their endless color possibilities and varied patterns, roofing in Tualatin has taken on a whole new look. Cascade Roofing Portland has taken the lead in offering locally manufactured and produced polymer modified shingles from Malarkey. With their Flexor and Nexgen performance-driven shingles, Cascade Roofing can offer exceptional warranties up to 50 years. While Tualatin has been around for well over a hundred and fifty years, it isn’t often you have the opportunity to work with a roofing company with over 60 years of roofing installation experience.

So whether you’re in need of a new residential roof or a commercial repair, Cascade Roofing Portland has Tualatin covered. Call or click on us today!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Roofing Questions

Welcome to our guide on roofing concerns in Tualatin! Roofs play a crucial role in protecting homes from rain and maintaining indoor temperatures. Let’s delve into some common questions about roofs:

How often should I clear my gutters?

It’s advisable to clear gutters at least twice a year. If numerous trees surround your property, consider increasing the frequency to 3 or 4 times annually to prevent blockages and water damage.

How can I determine if I need a roof replacement?

A visual inspection of the shingles is usually sufficient. Look for signs such as cracks, peeling, or evidence of leaks. If uncertain, it’s wise to enlist the services of a roofer for a professional assessment.

What is the typical duration for installing a new roof?

The duration varies depending on factors such as your home’s structure and the complexity of the roof’s design. While most residential roofs can be replaced within two days, extensive re-roofing projects may take up to a week to complete.

Should I worry about ice dams?

Ice dams are created when snow or ice melts on the roof surface and refreezes, accumulating water and potential damage. Exercise caution, especially if your roof is in a colder climate with a low pitch or lacks adequate insulation. If you notice any concerns, it’s advisable to consult a local roofing professional for practical solutions.

Why is roof ventilation essential?

Proper ventilation helps dissipate heat during the summer months and reduces moisture buildup, preserving the integrity of your roof and shingles and extending their lifespan.

We hope this information addresses your inquiries. For further assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to your local roofing company.

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