Hillsboro Roofing Company

There are numerous reasons why the City of Hillsboro and Cascade Roofing make such a successful pair: both have been around forever and both Hillsboro and Cascade Roofing have grown over the years to become leaders in their space. Home to Oregon’s Silicon Forest, Hillsboro hosts three of Intel’s large campuses while Cascade Roofing is protecting large commercial buildings with industry leading roofing products like PVC and TPO. But to add just one more reason why folks love living in Hillsboro, it’s home to the world’s largest Costco.

But even great cities like Hillsboro have rainy days. In fact, the wettest period in Hillsboro is from November to March and can occasionally include snowfall. Cascade Roofing plays a pivotal role a city like Hillsboro that receives precipitation on 161 days per year. A quality roof means that you can enjoy the dry half of the year not worrying about the wet half yet to come.

So, whether you’re in need of a new residential roof or a commercial repair, Cascade Roofing Portland has Hillsboro covered. Call or click on us today!