Question #1: Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor.

Portland Roofing Company

Did the Roofing Contractor provide you with a Comprehensive Written Bid?


When considering roofing contractors in the Portland, Tigard, or Beaverton areas, it’s essential to ensure they offer a detailed written proposal. Cascade Roofing Portland exemplifies this standard by providing a thorough six-page bid, complete with a comprehensive proposal and packet that covers all crucial roofing specifications.

Expect to See on the Written Proposal from Cascade Roofing:

**Material Being Proposed:**
– Product? Brand? Style?

**Warranties and Brochures:**
– Cascade Roofing includes a range of options and price points.

**Roofing Details:**
This section should be fairly inclusive, including:
– How many layers are to be removed (it should be all of them)?
– Are trucks used to haul away the debris (preferable since they can be moved each night) or are dumpsters used?
– Are all the dumping fees included in the proposal?
– What is the cost for decking repair – per sheet / per foot / per hour?
– How is the yard protected from damage?
– How are the gutters protected and are they cleaned?
– If new decking is needed, what type and thickness is specified? (Stay away from OSB board.)
– Flashings – replace or reuse? Where are they being installed? Gauge of metal and finish?
– Type of felt underlayment being bid?
– Ice & Water Shield being used where?
– How is the house going to be vented to meet the manufacturer’s and local requirements?
– Type and number of fasteners, wind rating?

Cascade Roofing ensures that their roofing proposal is detailed and includes a specification sheet that covers all these aspects and more. They understand that many details are job-specific, so a good roofing proposal should be tailored to each project. Cascade Roofing encourages you to review the specification sheet item by item with the contractor and to ask plenty of questions. Their estimators are more than willing to go over the specifics point by point with you.

Cascade Roofing Portland is committed to providing a detailed and transparent bid. Their six-page bid, complete proposal, and comprehensive packet ensure that you have all the necessary information to make an informed decision. So if you live in the Portland Metro Area, Cascade Roofing will take the time to answer all your questions, ensuring you feel confident and informed about your roofing project.