Are Roof Inspections Important?

One of the most important systems you depend on that protects most of the expensive items you own, is your roof. When your ready to take a road trip, you check your tires. When you go to the doctor, they start by checking your blood pressure. It makes sense to check those items of special importance that can dramatically affect the outcome of your trip or well being. Your roof is also one of those items that carries a lot of weight when it comes to protecting what’s important to you.

A roof inspection is simply a visual inspection that determines the soundness and integrity of your roof. A proper roof inspection will report on current required maintenance, how long the roof may last and when it will need to be replaced. It is recommended that a roof inspection be performed by a professional roofing contractor every five years for the first 20 years of so of your roofs life, then every two or three years as the roof nears the end of it useful life. If you have had an unusually bad winter, or something traumatic like a wind storm or falling branches have occurred, then a roof inspection should occur as soon as feasible.

As most of us know, whether you live in Portland, Hillsboro, Beaverton, or Tigard,
it rains a lot here. So do what those in wet place do, get your roof inspected. Roof inspections are not all that expensive and they could save you thousands of dollars down the road from leaks and damage. The can also help extend the life your composition roof with minor and inexpensive repairs.

Whenever possible, schedule your roof inspection with a professional roofing company that have been doing this for decades. Just like your doctor, experience is worth its weight in gold.