Beware of Salespeople Knocking on Your Door.

We were sure they were gone for good. We thought these high pressure sales tactics would never show back up again. But we were wrong. Aggressive, lying and deceitful sales tactics are back and they are knocking on your doorstep.

As an example of what these hard close sales tactics can mean to you, let’s examine how an A+ rated roofingcompany listed on the XXXXXXXXXXXXX  website goes about taking care of its customers.


We signed a roofing contract with XXXXXX. It has been a nightmare since day 1. They came and brought supplies a couple months later, the people parked a trailer with expired plates in our yard, began the process, then stopped. Then we get a call that we needed sheeting. We knew that already as it was part of our $26000 project!! It was omitted in the typed contract by their inept worker, who was subsequently fired. Those workers left that trailer at our house so long, we called the cops. We had to cover the supplies to save them from rain damage (some were damaged). Then finally, in late October, two meth head contractors show up to do the work. They worked from 6 pm to midnight with flashlights in their mouths!!! One whole section of our roof didn’t get resheeted. WE PAID FOR THAT!!! AND WE WATCHED THEM LOAD IT INTO A BLACK TRUCK WITH ********* PLATES. Our roof looks horrible. It’s lifted up in spots and we expect damage. I have sent letters…called. People have come out and made promises and never shown back up. I guess I need a lawyer at this point. This company is horrible!! This is the worst thing I have ever experienced and am beyond furious. I am disabled and have experienced some horrific health issues during this interim, including a covid intubation/coma. I don’t need this stress. I want my roof fixed the way it was supposed to be. You can’t contact anyone. 


This is a very disturbing report on the purchase of a new roof. But what is even more maddening is there are over 400 more complaints like this from just this one roofing company that goes door to door soliciting roofing customers.

The horror story usually starts the same way: “we were in the neighborhood and noticed your roof needs repair -may we come in for a few moments?”

Don’t do it. If you have reason to believe that your roof may need repair or replacement, call an established professional roofing company that has served your area for decades. Do not sign any contracts during the inspection / sales presentation – even if the roofing sales ends tonight or the managers discount will expire soon. You are being scammed.

Take your time, discuss the bid with your family or a trusted friend. If you feel any pressure to sign the sales agreement, DON”T DO IT. CALL SOMEONE ELSE.