Building a Better Roof.

It’s pretty common to hear someone complain about the poor workmanship and quality of a house they recently purchased. It’s also not uncommon to hear a similar person request a discounted price on a home repair for a house they’re selling. The takeaway on this way of thinking is – if it’s OK for the seller to provide sub par work then surely it should be fine if the house they’re buying is fixed up with the same poor workmanship.

The never ending circle of what goes around comes around. If your wondering where people find these contractors with the discounted price and the poor craftsmanship, just ask a Realtor. They usually have a long list of companies that meet the requirement of keeping repair costs low and commissions high. Check out the recent 1.8 billion dollar lawsuit that was recently won against the National Association of Realtors (NAR) for cheating their customers.

But if you want to avoid that game and do the right thing, then one of the first and most important components of your house is the roof. Without quality roofing material and a properly installed roof system, living in Portland, Tigard, or Beaverton can be a disaster waiting to happen. When and if it’s time to redo your roof, this is the perfect chance to take a good look at what’s going on up there and fix or modify those areas that are prone to trouble.

An example might be a flat portion of a roof that has ponding water or an area around a chimney that continues to be a source of leaks. This is the time to properly address the problem, before the new roof is installed. The benefit will be a longer lasting roof with proper drainage or flashings, an easier home to market and getting the most out our resources.

Remember, doing the right thing doesn’t just benefit you the seller, it may also benefit you the buyer.