Lumber and Plywood Prices.


It used to be folks would load up and travel hundreds of miles to strike it rich prospecting for silver and gold. Now all you need is a few trees and a sharp saw.

Over the last few years, the price for lumber and plywood have gone through the roof. Pun intended. Cascade Roofing is doing everything in its power to make sure our customers are getting the best prices possible. We do this by securing the material once the job is ordered to prevent costs from escalating before we even get a chance to begin. Cascade Roofing protects the customer by not having you the customer bear any additional increases in lumber costs. This also applies to roofing shingles as well, with their prices climbing at a steady pace over the last several years.

While we can’t go backwards to the good old days when plywood sold for $12/sheet as compared to the current price of $46/sheet, we can make sure that the roof you install today will last a very long time.