Quality Roofing Done the Old Fashioned Way.

They say it never goes out of style – doing quality work for the satisfaction of a job well done. But that doesn’t seem to be the trend in the construction arena or in any arena. Engineers spend hundreds of hours designing products that wear out in 7 years instead of lasting 20-30 years. A good example are washing machines that look great, are loaded with features, expensive to replace and are engineered to fail so you the consumer can keep spending your hard earned money buying another one and filling up the landfills.

The roofing industry is no different. The material technology has advanced but so has the trend towards longer warranties on products that are lasting a shorter amount of time. So we end up with roof systems that could last 40 years but the manufacture produces it to last 15-20 years.

At Cascade Roofing we are careful to use only products that we know will enhance your roofing system to last the full term it was intended to. One example are pipe flashings that most companies buy for $12 and which fail early, don’t make the cut here. Our flashings cost $45 and they will last 40 years or more. So while your dealing with a leaking roof in 12 years, our customers are watertight. There are so many ways to cut corners, the consumer would need to be an expert to avoid the pitfalls of early roof failure.

The good news is, when you hire a company like Cascade Roofing with 60+ years in business, we do the research for you. And yes, we are one of the few where the satisfaction of doing quality work is still in style.