Roofing and Skylights.

Some people think that roofing and skylights in Portland are like water and oil – they just don’t mix well. For some roofing companies that may be true. Installing skylights correctly is a skill that is taught, not one that is learned through trial and error. At Cascade Roofing we have a custom practice roof in our yard just for such purposes – teaching roofing installers how to properly install skylights, chimney flashings, venting, and all the skills of the trade.

Learning how to roof correctly is not a four week course. Sure, just like most trades, you could learn the very basics skills required to get by on the easiest of tasks. After a few tries most people could learn to connect power to an outlet or even pour a small concrete pad. They might even be able to pull a tooth or proof read a simple agreement. But what happens the rest of the time when the simple job turns more complex?

At Cascade Roofing that is why each of our Foreman have over 25 years of experience installing roofing systems. (By the way, they have spent the majority of their tenure working and training right here at Cascade Roofing.) So when someone says to you that their skylight is leaking, or you must be crazy to install a skylight in Portland, just remember that Cascade Roofing has been installing them for over 60 years with great success.

Don’t be afraid of the light. If you have a dark area in your house, let Cascade Roofing replace or install a new source of light in conjunction with a new roof.