Roofing is Simple…

… but installing a roof system takes skill, and lots of it.

In the Portland, Tigard, Beaverton area there are hundreds of roofing companies that can install a roof for you. However, there are only a few roofing contractors that are capable of installing a complete roofing system for you. The difference is night and day, warranted versus unwarranted, Ok versus professionally done, short term fix versus long term solution.

Cascade Roofing has employees with over 30 years of service repairing and replacing roofs in our community. The first few years a roofing installer learns how to install roofing products. The next 28 years they spend learning all the complicated and intricate processes that go into making a sound and functioning roof structure and system.

The average roofing contractor stays in business about 5 years. Just enough time to sell lots of roofs before the warranty claims come back to bite them. Cascade Roofing has been standing behinds its workmanship since 1959.