Roofing Repair: Flat Work

A flat roof is a special animal when it comes to installation and repair: they are very unforgiving when it comes to sloppy work. The vast majority of flat roof repairs are often times an additional repair on top of an already completed original repair.

A roofing company that can successfully fix flat roofs has two rules: Send out a Foreman quality roofer with years of flat roof repair experience and tell him to take his time and get it done right. But lets not always be so quick to judge the company, what about the customer.

More often than not a roof leak begins due to a poor maintenance program. A penny saved is a penny earned works only so well when a smal issue turns into thousands of dollars in repairs.

So what’s the trick when you suddenly see a spot appear on your commercial ceiling? Start by calling your trusted roofing professional – one that you have built a relationship with regarding preventative maintenance and ask for the Foreman with 20 years of flat roof experience, with the same company.

Sounds impossible, it’s not. Just like a good lawyer, plumber, or roofer, your job is to surround your business with professionals.